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About me

Hi, I’m Natalya Rahmany 

Welcome to Productive Hut!

I’m a Head of Quality Engineering at ThetaRay Israel & ProductiveHut.com Founder.


I have lived in the software testing world for over 15 years and I breathe each moment of the world of Quality.

My past roles include QA Manager in mPrest Systems, Radiology Information System QA Manager, Head of QA ThetaRay.

Throughout my testing career, I have gained extensive experience in:

  • Teams management worldwide
  • Ongoing work with various departments, such as Product, Data Scientist teams, Support, Sales in various projects
  • Integration with customer systems
  • The establishment of new QA teams from scratch
  • Recruiting, mentoring, and coaching teams
  • The establishment of testing methodologies and strategies at the highest standard of quality for all company products.

My career includes experience in Defense Real-Time systems, Radiology Medical systems, and Financial systems/AI-based Big Data analytics which helps financial organizations combat financial cybercrimes like money laundering, fraud, and ATM attacks.

Each of those systems provides huge added value to the market.

QA world is my passion and desire.

In Productive Hut, I’m going to solve and teach you the following topics:

  • You will receive QA tools and techniques to increase your methodological, technical, and management skills
  • You will receive a list of remote QA jobs you can work online from home in your available time 
  • You will learn how to deliver the product in a high-quality standard
  • You will receive the technique in mentoring and coach of your testing teams to be better in their work and achieve teams and product goals
  • You will improve your deep understanding of qualitative methodologies and testing tools
  • You will cover the testing strategies that could match your product
  • You will gain knowledge in developing methods according to life cycle models such as Agile, Waterfall, and V Model
  • Test types that should be run each version/sprint
  • What should be done to reduce escaped issues
  • How to build a win QA team 

and much more…

But the most important thing in my job is the QA team’s impact on product quality and customer satisfaction.

If you passionate about testing a world like me you are welcome to join Productive Hut!

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Let’s create a testing community, share our testing experience, and help others to grow and be on the highest standard of the profession!

Share your thoughts and comments in posts and if something interesting for you and still not covered in a Productive Hu blog please send me ideas for the next posts and I’ll try to cover them.

This way we can distribute our passion for testing and help others know more about the QA world!

To meet a high standard of software delivery and intensive work with the various staff in the company led me to search for an answer on how to do all this successfully and effectively.

As a result of my search, I discovered an area of productivity, time management, and success.


I felt that the subject was burning in me …I started to study the subject, techniques, tools…

I set big goals for myself and dismantled them into small pieces. I started to walk step by step with daily learning and endless perseverance. I began to feel a change.

I used to not stand for small things like getting up early before sunrise, going out and running, today I do it with motivation and anticipation for the next morning. I feel great and full of energy and less exhausted after a day of work and childcare.

I started to manage my time better and not waste time on things that do not promote me

I set goals for myself and I go to them and count the small successes that belong only to me …

Productive Hut blog  https://productivehut.com/ is a combination of two of my passions!

In Productive Hut, you will find posts and articles about the testing world and how to be more effective and manage your time in so intensive work and personal life.


Want to make a change for you too?

Come with me on this journey together, together with set goals, persevere, learn and make a change.

I know you can!

If you set goals for yourself, promised yourself to make a change, wanted to be more productive and effective in your life but you start and quipped…and nothing changes in your life…

You are not alone, more than 80% of the people do so…and fail their promises to themselves, feel stuck in the same place, and not progressing in their life.


  • Productive and Time Management Tools that save you time at work and at home and by this increase your productivity by tens of percent.
  • I’ll show you techniques to help you set your goals – short and long-term.
  • Find a balance between family and career by simple time management techniques
  • Achieve better results in everything you do
  • To dream big but in small steps that will bring you to your successes
  • Inspiration and motivation posts that will push you to motivate your day

And more important posts and tips of motivation and were to take energy for all this?

How does that sound to you?

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If you feel this way and want to make a change in your life Join the Productive Hut Family!

Join the Productive Hut newsletter

Subscribe to get our latest posts and tips!

I will never give away, trade or sell your email address. You can unsubscribe at any time!

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